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2023 Tire Rules for XR Super Series
Updated 7/31/23

Superior Showcase
Gondik Law Speedway Speedway
August 7, 2023

Tire Rules may be adjusted at any time for any reason and will be properly communicated though text, email, and social media.

WISSOTA Late Models will be allowed to compete during the XR Super Series event at Gondik Law Speedway (August 7, 2023) and the XR Workin’ Man event at Red Cedar Speedway (August 8, 2023). WISSOTA Late Models will need to be 100% compliant with the WISSOTA rulebook with one exception. They will be allowed to run using the XR Tire Rule for those two events.

TIRE RULE: For Gondik Law Speedway (08/07/2023) & Red Cedar Speedway (08/08/2023)

  • LF: Any Late Model Tire (Hoosier or American Racer).
  • RF & LR: Hoosier NLMT 3 and W30.
  • RR: Hoosier NLMT 3, NLMT 4, or W30.
  • No Limit
  • Can Mix and Match
  • No Other Tires Allowed on RF, LR, RR (including LM30, LM40, American Racer, etc).

Upcoming Events TBA

Additional Info:

  • Grooving, Siping, Drilling of tires are allowed (Rule 13.10).
  • Only approved tires will be permitted for use in competition (Rule 13.11).
  • Chemical alterations, vulcanizing, tire softening, defacing, and/or altering the face of the tire lettering and/or tire stamping will not be permitted (Rule 13.12).
  • Tires may be inspected at any time (Rule 13.13)
  • Rules LINK

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