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Loyalty Program

The XR Super Series Loyalty Program returns in 2024! Super Late Model drivers/owners receive free event assets to XRSS events during the 2023 season. Drivers will unlock eligibility with 50% of attendance at all XR Super Series events in 2022 and 2023 (14 of 28 total nights) or perfect attendance to all XR Super Series races in 2023.

Eligibile teams for the 2024 Loyalty Program: Chris Bragg Racing, 1 Tim McCreadie, 1 Tyler Erb, B1 Brent Larson, 3S Brian Shirley, 7 Ricky Weiss, 8 Kyle Strickler, 10 Joseph Joiner, 17SS Brenden Smith, 18D Daulton Wilson, 20 Jimmy Owens, 20RT Ricky Thornton Jr., 25 Shane Clanton, 28 Dennis Erb Jr., 32 Bobby Pierce, 40B Kyle Bronson, 44 Chris Madden, 49 Jonathan Davenport, 63V Tanner English, 71 Hudson O’Neal, 76 Brandon Overton, 93 Carson Ferguson (Paylor Motorsports), 157 Mike Marlar (Skyline Motorsports), 174 Ethan Dotson

Eligible drivers/owners will receive free event entry, up to five free pit passes, two pit vehicle passes, a VIP Parking stall and free merchandise space at each XR Super Series event, beginning with the April 5 event at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, TN. Drivers will retain XRSS Loyalty Program eligibility by continuing to compete in XRSS events (perfect attendance).

A driver must pre-register for each event at at least 48 hours before the next scheduled event to receive loyalty benefits. If the driver does not register in advance all benefits are lost for the season and will not be available upon arrival. A CODE will be available for loyalty drivers in advance of each event. If you have questions contact

There will be no contracts or other stipulations to the XRSS Loyalty Program. If you keep racing in the XRSS, you’ll stay a part of the program. Once a Super Late Model driver skips an event feature day, they are no longer program eligible. Driver exemptions for emergency absences will be cleared through XR Super Series management.

The XR Super Series prides itself on a fair and transparent Driver Loyalty Program. We do not pay show up, tow, or under the table money for our participants. Everyone is treated the same based on their commitment to our series.


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