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Colossal 100 โ€“ May 14, 2022


Chris Madden won $50,000, passing Jonathan Davenport with four laps to go and pulling away to take the victory at the Colossal 100 finale at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

As Davenport and Madden navigated lapped traffic, Davenport got hung behind Brett Hamm in turns 3 and 4 on the bottom side. Madden jumped to the high side, the two split Hamm and by turn 2, Madden had grabbed the lead. It was Game Over after that.

โ€œItโ€™s tough to lead in lapped traffic sometimes,โ€ Madden said. โ€œIโ€™ve been in that position many times. We had a great race there without lapped traffic. Hats off to my guys. Theyโ€™ve done a heck of a job. The competition in this series is so tough.

Madden started fourth and made his way to second within a handful of laps and stalked Davenport for the duration of the 50-lap, caution-free race. Davenport could never shake Madden, though. Through lapper after lapper, the two were even. Madden tried a move low on Davenport a few laps before the deciding pass but couldnโ€™t get it done.

Madden took his second of three XR Super Series features at the Colossal 100, after also winning on Wednesday night. This was Maddenโ€™s fourth XR Super Series in nine races during this, the inaugural season for the XRSS.

This is Chris Maddenโ€™s eighth Super Late Model win at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, tying him for the all-time lead with Jimmy Owens.

1. (4) 44 Chris Madden โ€“ Gaffney, SC
2. (1) 49 Jonathan Davenport โ€“ Blairsville, GA
3. (2) 22 Chris Ferguson โ€“ Mount Holly, NC
4. (6) 76 Brandon Overton โ€“ Evans, GA
5. (10) 111V Max Blair โ€“ Centerville, PA
6. (12) 25 Shane Clanton โ€“ Zebulon, GA
7. (5) 8 Kyle Strickler โ€“ Mooresville, NC
8. (7) 20 Jimmy Owens โ€“ Newport, TN
9. (8) 88 Trent Ivey โ€“ Union, SC
10. (19) 40B Kyle Bronson โ€“ Brandon, FL
11. (9) 16 Ben Watkins โ€“ Lancaster, SC
12. (17) 93 Carson Ferguson โ€“ Lincolnton, NC
13. (21) 7 Ricky Weiss โ€“ Headingley, MB
14. (11) 17D Zack Dohm โ€“ Cross Lanes, WV
15. (18) 0 Scott Bloomquist โ€“ Mooresburg, TN
16. (3) 18 Brett Hamm โ€“ Newberry, SC
17. (13) 83 Jensen Ford โ€“ Johnson City, TN
18. (14) 39 Tim McCreadie โ€“ Watertown, NY
19. (24) 10 Joseph Joiner โ€“ Milton, FL
20. (20) 79 Ross Bailes โ€“ Clover, SC
21. (16) 42 Cla Knight โ€“ North Augusta, SC
22. (23) 91 Derrick Ramey โ€“ Mooresville, NC
23. (15) 17M Dale McDowell โ€“ Chickamauga, GA
24. (22) 70 Jeff Smith โ€“ Dallas, NC

HARD CHARGER: 40B Kyle Bronson, +9

B Main 1
40B Bronson, 7 Weiss, 7RR Ross Robinson, 9Z Mason Zeigler, 6JR Parker Martin, 10 Joiner, 10G Garrett Smith, 69* Carder Miller, 0R Ryan Scott, 2X John Henderson, 17 Tim Vance, 15 Dean Bowen, 11 Austin Kirkpatrick, 19M Wil Herrington, 7R Kent Robinson, 58 Mark Whitener (DNS), 18D Daulton Wilson (DNS)

B Main 2
79 Bailes, 70 Smith, D8 Dustin Mitchell, 1C Kenny Collins, 21 Mario Gresham, 91 Ramey, 1G Ryan King, 20H Bryson Harper, 17SS Brenden Smith, 01 Jason Garver, 78 Thomas Robinson, 24D Michael Brown, 995 Manny Falcon, 1 Vic Hill (DNS), 22* GR Smith (DNS), 421 Anthony Sanders (DNS)

Heat 1
49 Davenport, 20 Owens, 83 Ford, 40B Bronson, 6JR Martin, 10G Smith, 15 Bowen, 0R Scott, 18D Wilson

Heat 2
18 Hamm, 16 Watkins, 17M McDowell, 19M Herrington, 2X Henderson, 10 Joiner, 9Z Zeigler, 69* Miller, 17 Vance

Heat 3
8 Strickler, 17D Dohm, 93 Ferguson, 7RR Robinson, 7R Robinson, 7 Weiss, 58 Whitener, 11 Kirkpatrick

Heat 4
22 Ferguson, 88 Ivey, 39 McCreadie, 70 Smith, D8 Mitchell, 24D Brown, 17SS Smith, 21 Gresham, 421 Sanders (DNS)

Heat 5
44 Madden, 111V Blair, 42 Knight, 79 Bailes, 91 Ramey, 20H Harper, 1 Hill, 995 Falcon

Heat 6
76 Overton, 25 Clanton, 0 Bloomquist, 1C Collins, 1G King, 01 Garver, 78 Robinson, 22* Smith

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